5 Tips to Keep Your Flower Gift Longer

All gifts have one purpose: to add a smile to our beloved ones' faces. One of these gifts is flowers. To make this smile last longer, today's blog will let you in on how to keep your flower gift longer.

The view of flowers in your home can help you to physically de-stress and ease into relaxation better. What if these flowers are received from a family member or a friend abroad? We will discuss below all the tips needed for a long-lasting flower gift.

1- Trimming the Stems

After receiving your gift, the first thing you need to do is to unwrap your flower bouquet and start cutting every flower's stem at a 45-degree angle using sharp scissors. Then, try to make this tip your task every couple of days the same way you did the first time. Freshly cut stems easily absorb water and minerals.

2- Adding Water

After adding water to your vase for the first time, keep in mind to always change it daily with fresh, cold water. The reason for that is that not changing the water daily will cause bacteria development in the vase and will start killing your flowers gradually. 

3- Feeding the Blooms

For the purpose of growth, flowers need to eat, too! Adding some nourishing products to your water can definitely satisfy your flower's needs. You can add some special food from a near florist, or creating your own by adding a couple of drops of bleach and a pinch of sugar to the water used in the vase. (Weird, huh?)

4- Keeping Your Flowers in the Right Spot 

Put your flowers directly toward the sun, they say! Right? Well, this information is not correct. For a better lasting gift, you should keep your flowers in a place where sunlight reaches the flower but not directly.

5- Remove the Expired Flowers

Our last tip falls in refreshing your flower bouquet once in a while. Even in the same batch, every flower has its own duration of living. That does not mean that surrounding your fresh ones near the damaged ones won't affect their duration of survival. This is why you should always check and remove the dead flowers away to keep the others fresher and long-lasting. 

We hope we have you covered for your next gift of flowers, or when sending them to a loved one. Explore our collection of vibrant flowers covering all celebrations on our website presentail.com, and let our flowers do their magic!

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