Back to Work! A Farewell to Summer


September 19, 2019

As summer comes to end, it could mean the end to all the season has to offer. Waking up late, going to the beach, and attending outdoor soirees are just some of the things for which we will be missing summer. 

For others, summer is a time for productivity. Whether it’s making time for our favorite hobbies, getting done with required courses, or completing various business projects, summer can be just as busy as any other time. 

What were we up to this summer here at Presentail? 

Presentail’s Summer Achievements

Revamping the Website: The Presentail website got a makeover with new and improved functionalities. Have a look at it now!

Creating a Fleet App: To organize our drivers, we’ve created a Fleet App for Presentail. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the quality and punctuality of our deliveries. 

Making an Expat Guide: For our dear Lebanese expatriates, we made an Expat Guide that’s jam-packed with relevant information that keeps you close to home.  

Presentail Summer Activities

Our team-building activity at Escape the Room.

Engaging in Team-Building Activities: Life is not all about work, and any good CEO knows how important it is to have happy team members who bond together. Our activities included several lunches and outings, including our favorite outing to Escape the Room. 

Spreading the Word about Presentail: We realized that the word about Presentail is not fully out, so we reached out to the ambassadors of Lebanon and many other unions and clubs to help you send love to Lebanon one gift at a time.  

Back to Work!

For a lot of us, the end of summer means getting back to the rhythm of our chaotic, busy lives. Whether it’s continuing your education or getting back to your job after a summer vacation, we wish you a happy return! 

At Presentail, we certainly have a lot of work ahead, especially as we approach the fourth quarter of the year. We have a lot of surprises in store for you!

Summer at Presentail

What did you do this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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