Lebanese Expats - Meet Our Logo Contest Winner!


July 25, 2019

A month ago, we were just starting out at Flat6Labs. To celebrate that milestone, we decided to launch a logo contest. As expected, we received many local and foreign submissions. Every submission was special to us as it represented people’s perception of our brand. However, at the end of the day, only one had to be chosen. We sat in BDD’s “green room” one morning and went over every submission. Ultimately, one person succeeded in creating a logo that we all agreed on.


Farah left Lebanon in 2006 during the war. She was only 14 years old. Today, she’s a 27 years old Graphic Designer based in Montreal. She has her own Graphic Design agency and an innate ability to convey powerful messages through her designs. She’s always proud to see ideas working their way up, especially ones from her home country. Farah’s passion for design is a lot more than sitting in front of a computer and making things look beautiful. She is a creative thinker and brings meaning and understanding to every project she touches.


Finally, we hope this logo is one that Presentail carries throughout a long fruitful life cycle. We want to congratulate Farah on winning the contest and wish all the participants the best of luck in their endeavors. We hope you stay tuned, because we just might surprise you.

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