Lebanese Expats - We Are Looking For a CTO


August 9, 2019

In a few short weeks, Presentail grew from two expats based in New York and Dubai, to eight Beirut-based professionals.

As many of you may know, Farah and I, started Presentail to make it easier for Lebanese expats to send gifts to their friends and family in Lebanon. We were convinced there was a strong opportunity, our friends around the world encouraged us to start, and partners were eager to pilot; however, until recently, we didn’t realize the magnitude of what we are building. Presentail could potentially be Lebanon’s next big thing.  

Before I get carried away telling you about our exciting plan to save the Lebanese economy I must warn you, Lebanon isn’t necessarily the easiest place to do business. We have a traffic crisis, slow internet, and limited resources. 


Nevertheless, every time you place an order on Presentail, we are exporting a service, bringing some money back home, and injecting it straight into the economy. We are creating jobs, building stronger businesses, and processing more orders. Lebanon is the largest exporter of talent in the region, our best and brightest move to Dubai, Riyadh, Paris, New York, Montreal, and Accra to lead global organizations.  

Finally, please share this article with anyone looking to move back to Beirut. We have a few open positions at our HQ. If you’re interested in becoming our next chief technology officer (CTO), and think you got what it takes, don’t hesitate to email me at adnan@presentail.com or apply through this link

Lebanon is a gem that needs talented individuals to help us rebuild and conquer. Presentail has the potential to transform and make an impact! 

With love from Beirut - Adnan.

Update: This position is no longer available. To visit our available vacancies, please click here.

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