Why I Joined Presentail: Carl Husseini, Business Development Associate


Meet our beloved Carl Husseini, a Business Development Associate at Presentail HQ! Here’s his story of why he joined Presentail:

Tell Us About Your Background.

“I was born and raised in Lebanon, and I spent about 18 years here. I did my high school years at Broumana High School, and when I finished and graduated, I moved to LAU for a year to finish freshman. After freshman, I applied for university in Grenoble, France where I went to study International Business with a minor in Entrepreneurship for two years and a half. Then, I moved to Paris for a semester to study as well. I used to be a soccer player, and now I focus on being a DJ and making my own music. I came back here to work, gain some experience, and make a difference.”

What Role Did You Apply to at Presentail?

“I originally applied for the business development role. I was working as an intern at the start, and as things went along, it changed. Now, I’m basically working on everything that has to do with business development as a business development associate, and I contribute in other things.”

Why Did You Feel Like You Were a Good Fit for the Position? 

“First, I felt like Adnan was very interactive. He’s the kind of leader you would like to have, basically. Also, the idea of Presentail was attractive to me at first when Adnan told me about it. When I came for the interview, I found it truly interesting and felt like I could be a part of this. The first week showed me that it was actually true. When I started, it was just Aline, Zein, Adnan, and I. Now we are 7 team members strong.”

How Does It Feel Like to Work at a Lebanese Startup?

“It feels good, honestly. This is my first time working for a Lebanese startup, for sure. It feels interesting and exciting at the same time, but also you feel more limited than in other startups in the world where, you know, you can do so much more. You have more opportunities as in more people to cater to…more resources…more of everything, really. In every sense…that’s what makes it a bit different. But overall, to me, it’s better than working anywhere else…with respect to big corporations and companies. I would rather work at a startup and help build it from scratch, than be employed in some bigger company. I feel like I have more freedom here, you know? More ways to act like myself…at other places you feel like you are more limited in the way you can act.”

Would You Recommend Working at a Startup to Others?

“Yeah, I would, compared to any other organizations or corporations. I would. At the end of the day, you can basically show who you are and what you do for your work. You know? On the other hand, when you’re working in a big company or organization, you just have to show them what you got, but you don’t show them yourself. Here, I feel like I’m doing ‘me,’ basically. Whatever I want, I do…of course within the regulations. So, it’s all good.”   

“When you’re working in a big company or organization, you just have to show them what you got, but you don’t show them yourself.”


Wrap Up

That’s a wrap, folks! Whether it’s self-expression, impactful contributions, or freedom, there are many advantages to working at a startup. At Presentail, we love having ambitious, positive, and hard-working individuals join our team, and we’re always on the lookout for the best talent. Stay tuned for more of these Presentail interviews!  

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